Angela Rasche - President

Most people start their home searches online. Use AR House Staging to create your design home look.


Option 1 - Vacant Home Staging - our specialty

​Most home searches start online and what do people want to see - homes that look fantastic. Buyers will rush to see the home before anyone else does. We know - our staged home was listed online and it had an offer that day.

We specialize in vacant homes. Most buyers can not visualize the size of the rooms. We bring in beautiful furniture and accessories to make your home look great. We typically stage the living room, dining room, master bedroom, master bath, and kitchen. Additional rooms such as a family room and an office can also be staged. Our pricing includes the furniture delivery/removal,  the service cost to stage your home, and the furniture and accessories rental for two months minimum.

Staging your home may be one of the best decisions you make - don't lower your asking price after your home has been on the market for several months - stage it.

Option 2 - Occupied Staging and Design

In this intensive and fun two-hour consultation, we will be using a detailed Staging Report/Checklist to write down everything that needs to be done to get the home looking fabulous to get the best price possible!

  • We start with a phone interview, so we can research your buyer demographic and prepare for our consultation time.
  • Using a photo-filled, detailed staging checklist we walk through the home and discuss optimal, big return-on-investment, staging strategies that are designed to have an emotional impact on your buyers.
    • You receive recommendations on curb appeal, cosmetic fixes, furniture placement, decluttering, and accessories purchase/placement and a report at the end of the two hour session.
    • Cost starts at $250

(Up to two hours in the home with any additional hours at a $100 hourly rate)

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